Grande Bici… (in English)

Trevi-Bike B2R

Trevi-Bike: Great bike made by handmade in Italy. A recumbent that could come from the Netherlands. Following a change in the Italian laws related with taxes, the workshop is closing. It is shame. A lot of person do what they are doing because of passion and do not take money out of this activity.

Tiberio Trevisan has to choose between the building and welding of bent frames and bikes or his job. Sometime Italy is difficult to understand… or how you kill the creativity of a people who is always ahead of he mass in so many different fields. Tiberio is selling now the the remainder of frames / bikes available. Many of them are almost unique and you can be sure to the only biker riding with such jewel around…


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  1. #1 by Frederic Galetto on 08/08/2012 - 23:29

    Post in italian bent forum here:

  1. Grande Bici (for sale): close-up. | Frederic's Blog

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