Rotovelo – Rotocover!

Carrying on the adventure and the fine tuning of the most efficient veicule in the world: a velomobile. You may want to read my first posts about the Rotovelo prior to the below.

The cover in place on the Rotovelo.

The cover in place on the Rotovelo.

Autumn is here, leaves are falling and so does the rain, perhaps snow is coming soon – can you imagine a better wether for a velomobile commute? 🙂

I thought about a way to prevent the water from entering the body of the Rotovelo.

I am looking for something that is:

  1. Convenient
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Reliable

To achieve this I had to find the right material and get the competences needed in order to do work. I went down my street to my local tailor. She did not have waterproof material in stock so I ordered directly on the internet this product. Being an ignorant in this particular matter, it was not an easy task I would say. I relied very much on the information provided and placed my order based on my best assumption. Once delivered I took the Rotovelo and the material to the tailor for measurement collection and allow the work to start.

A few days later I took delivery of the cover…

The last modifications were made testing the cover directly onto the Rotovelo but I must admit that it is very much a prototype. Out of the above “to do” list, I would assess the current product as follows:

  1. Portable and convenient: partially responded for, I am not thinking it is convenient enough and would imagine a bag to carry it in an easier way.
  2. Easy to set up: It is not as easy  as expected to set up and fit on the Rotovelo body. The handle works well for removal but not to put the cover in place.
  3. Reliable: Will be tested during the next coming weeks.

I think one of the main issue  remains with the choice of material, I am looking for something more suitable for the use in term fabric. It should also be perhaps a bit more flexible and lighter in order to make the cover easier to fit on the Rotovelo body (and more compact to carry). It is a starting point, will see if it leads to a more viable and finished product. I would assess the price with the current configuration at about US$ 60.-

Attached gallery speaks as usual better than my English. I am happy to share any feedback or experience that had the same scope as this project.

This procedure is only a proposition and followed at ones own risk and responsibility. It has not the approval from Trisled. I remain open to any comment or suggestion seeking advice and improvement. It has not been tested over long rides and I may update accordingly at a later stage according to my experience.


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  1. #1 by Frederic Galetto on 13/03/2013 - 21:12

    I am now working on the Rotocover to make it easier to set up on the velomobile body by changing the material used, replacing the elastic by something more convenient and simple. I hope it will be also more compact to carry. I will update my post and come back to report any improvement on the finished product.

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