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Fribourg, old town, view from place de l’hôtel de ville, today 1425. Picture taken from HTC Desire S running Android 2.3.5.


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We are all one.

We are all one...

Agree with the content of this picture, goes along with the message I tried to pass on through one of my last post

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Valentine’s day.


Geneva, rue des Alpes, freezing Thursday morning.

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Earth, you and the sky.

What do these two pictures get to your mind? Beyond the event they are related to, what comes to your mind looking at them? Between and beyond the terrible events happened in Japan in 2011 and the foolish statements and broadcasts about the end of the world, can a reasonable consideration be made? And if yes can it be achieved taking into account only the picture itself ?
Zen monk among wrekage  after 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Zen monk among wrekage after 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Dec.21:A dancer dressed in a costume marking the end of the Mayan age in Madrid. ©AFP PHOTO

Dec.21:A dancer dressed in a costume marking the end of the Mayan age in Madrid. ©AFP PHOTO

I am not to assess or compare anything in this post. I will not rate one situation or another by its seriousness nor by the belief it is related to. I am deeply touched by the beauty of the pictures themselves as well as by what is exposed. Feelings may be confusing but  here are the words that come to my mind: grace, peace, gravity, respect, belief and compassion.


Aesthetics is definitely a criteria and the talent of the photographers is certainly for a lot in the way your are affected by pictures. Beauty can be applied to gesture of both dancer and monk, both are potentially in the deepest of their conviction, practice or mindfulness.


In a completely diverse or even opposite context, both seems to feel safe. Although I can imagine big differences in their respective practice or approach, both are projecting an image of consistency and coherence, perfectly in line with their convictions.


Gravity is seen of both situations but beyond pure consideration, dancer and monk are going across endless changes.


Respect is fully part of both pictures and reflected by the dancer and the monk. Sacred gestures always bring you some of this grace you may never see elsewhere in universe.


May not appear as the right word in regard of the practice of each of them, conviction or acceptance as well as confidence might come to mind.


Compassion for the monk, can be also transposed into perhaps mercy for the dancer.

Closing a post like this could be an endless work but:

Remaining focused on the facts relayed by an image limits its interpretation. Being ignorant in both Maya and Zen Buddhism may not impact you ability to initiate such process and potentially an illiterate could end up with a conclusion as close as mine, perhaps with a better piece actually given my limited English vocabulary. The components to take into account is one’s own self  mind, one’s own self will to try understanding one’s own self emotions perhaps by asking (part of) the questions mentioned at the top of this post. The last words about these two pictures are related with the sacred gesture (or holy) or ritual – whatever you call them. Above clivages or splittings we may see between dogmas, belief and religions, going back and refering to the very true nature of any sacred related action could make sometime a link between all of us and perhaps initiate through part of the words mentioned above. May grace, peace, gravity, respect, belief and compassion be each of them making a gateway toward mutual understanding and tolerance.

“My aspiration 
does not consist so much in defending my truth 
but rather to live it out”. Raimon Pannikar

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