Geneva: City at work (CEVA) plus how to escape for a bike trip across Switzerland!

CEVA: work.

This post is relating the current situation about mobility and transportation in the Geneva area with an escape route at the end…

The CEVA is due to solve most of the mobility issues in the Geneva area by the construction of a train railway around the city. The region spreads across two countries, making the transportation problems even more challenging. This picture is taken down my street where an underground station is due by 2015 and the project completed by 2017 with the first trains coming in. And people will jump from the car into the coach…hopefully.

I made de choice to take the picture looking at the sky to illustrate my post, I want to avoid you the view of the construction work  on the street, today and for the next 5 years. This video also shows how difficult it is to get such projects going live into a european cities today instead of 100 years ago.  The region has not been able to face mobility challenges for the past decades, relying on existing infrastructures and individual cars instead of efficient multimodal transportation sytems.

The Geneva region / area, claiming to be part of the most international and shining cities of the world,  is terribly late and above evertything has been blind on basic issues such as sustainability and transportation. The area is now at the back of the peloton, well behind other areas such as Basel or Zurich. The Geneva motorshow remains a nice piece of history, cars do look great and beautiful but that is the end of it.

Want to be part of the solution instead of being caught into the problem? Buy a bike, or even better, a tricycle or the most efficient enclosed vehicule in the world: a velomobile. You will be fast, no longer stuck in traffic jam, efficient and sustainable. And you will improve your health by exercising on a daily basis.

Let’s talk about some fun now: and how to exit the city… or symply plan your next bike travel across the country:
  1. SBB national railway website:
  2. Official site to travel the country by bike: (plan your stages, avoid the big climbs taking.. the train, your bike hotel etc, it’s all in there (and in English)!

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  1. #1 by Frederic Galetto on 17/03/2013 - 16:50

    The project selected to review the layout of the Plateau de Champel around the exit of the future underground train station is called “7000 Oaks”. It consists of a forest of more than 100 oaks in middle of the Champel area. The pdf can be seen here: Let’s wait and see.

  1. CEVA: sunset. | Frederic's Blog

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