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Summer. Coming.


Place Grenus this evening in Geneva. Summer lights, shy. At last.


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Japan eventually not that far away.

imagePicture taken in the Geneva area. 9’000kms brought back to a few meters?


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Geneva irish green.

imageThe weather has been pretty bad for the season in the past weeks with a lot of rains and temperatures colder than usual. A walk in the park shows colours we may be more used to in other countries…


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Le jet d’eau dans les nuages.

imageLe jet d’eau, vue depuis le quai de La Poste avec le pont de l’Ile au premier plan. Photo prise le 15 mai vers 2030 depuis Padfone 2 sur Android 4.1.1.

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Power generation.

Nature, énergie et patrimoine de Vessy.

This building is originally water pumping station built in 1867. It provided water to some areas of Geneva and was abandoned during the second part of the 20th century. The rehabilitation project took into account the environment, sustainability as well as history of the site and is now producing energy. More in French here:

Cette photo est prise depuis l’ancienne station de pompage de Vessy, maintenant convertie en station hydro-électrique et la mise en oeuvre d’un projet de réhabilitation liant patrimoine, développement durable et les environs immédiats du site pour le rendre accessible au public. Plus dinformations sur ce site.

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