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Love: made in Paestum.

Holidays are to discover the world or do nothing.

Second Italian post in less than a month. Yes, because enjoying la dolce vita and the sea is definitely one of the most important thing in life, and after Amalfi coast I am offering you Cilento!



Yes, for sure. Love and music and friendly atmosphere in this lido as they are called in Italy.  A nice place to rest, enjoy the sun and a cool and friendly atmosphere: if you pass by, this location is worth a visit… the bar is open!

Welcome to Dum Dum Republic in Paestum!

Music, local beer and more, made in Dum Dum!


Enjoying sunset from the lido with Capri at the back.

 – Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –


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Following months without posting, I could only start again with pictures from the most beautiful country in the world: Italy.




Take the road SS163, from Salerno to Napoli or vice versa. Stop here and there to enjoy the scenery, the steep cliffs and the sea. Have a break at Maiori for a “dolce” at Sal De Riso Pasticeria. And yes, Ferrari also made part of its 458 Spider official trailer there. One of the most beautiful road of the world.

 – Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –

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This is a beautiful banner.

Sunset from the terrasse of the Nepenthe pub.

Sunset from the terrasse of the Nepenthe pub.

You may want to know from where the banner of this blog comes from. It is a myth, or a legend or both or you name it.

The myth: There is a “before” and an “after” visiting this spot. The place has a very special atmosphere and is located 150 miles south of San Francisco on the California highway 1.

Big Sur

The legends: includes Steinbeck, Kerouac, Miller (with still his library) and many others including Red Hot Chili Peppers.

California 1 - heading south toward Los Angeles

The California 1 state route is done by car, RVs, bikes or even on foot, the part between Monterey and Santa Barbara is probably one of the most scenic road you may find in the world. The views, the light, the mist and the colors: everything changes in front of your eyes each and every single minute. This is BIG SUR. Don’t worry taking your best camera, your Iphone is sufficient and you will not need any Photoshop trick to make your pictures close to perfection. Cruise along the Pacific, make a stop at the Nepenthe and enjoy sunset in front on the ocean during diner, see the mist coming up from the coast. Enjoy some walks that will lead you to stunning places and beaches, sometime just a few minutes off the road. Take a break, stop there and appreciate this peaceful remote location, even just a day that will allow you to enjoy the return to the civilisation and busy cities of San Francisco or Los Angeles.

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Restaurant le Barocco…

Vu depuis la terrasse du restaurant Le Barocco dans la cours intérieure du musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève.  Endroit agréable avec une carte et des plats principalement méditerranéens…  Une pause en plein centre ville.


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