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Grande Bici (for sale): close-up.

During 2012 I posted about an exceptional recumbent bike…and the destiny of a genius italian craftsman….

Trevi-Bike B2RI later went to Carmagnola – Italy, visited Tiberio Trervisan and acquired the bike. I hesitated a lot prior to eventually buying this piece of art called B2R for “Born To Race”: it’s beautiful but also a very demanding ride. Here is a close-up gallery with a few details of this exceptional and unique recumbent bike now for sale:

This recumbent bike is for sale: EUR 950.- The bike being engineered for racing and high performance riding, a test ride is highly recommended prior to purchase. It was not ridden since its acquisition more than 100 kms and is in perfect condition. If you are interested or would like more information about the bike’s history do not hesitate to contact me by email.

– Copyright ©: Frederic Galetto (except for top picture) –


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