Trisled Rotovelo.

Trisled Rotovelo.

Here is the updated list of my posts about the Rotovelo velomobile:
  1. Rotovelo – A summary from a wish list to the delivery on my doorstep
  2. Rotovelo – The setup
  3. Rotovelo – Dealing with ergonomics
  4. Rotovelo – Terra Cycle inside!
  5. Rotovelo – Rotocover!
Voici la liste des articles sur la velomobile Rotovelo en français:
  1. Rotovelo – le début de l’aventure…
  2. Rotovelo – Le montage
  3. Rotovelo – trouver ses marques – comfort et ergonomie 
  4. Rotovelo – Terra-Cycle inside*!
  1. #1 by Mark on 16/09/2015 - 20:19

    So, its been a few years (2015) . . .
    Would You buy the Rotovelo again?
    Met expectations?
    Exceeded expectations?

    Given you live so close
    to Dutch and German manufactures of Velomobiles,
    most with some suspecsion, extras features, and extra price,
    How did You pick Rotovelo, from Austrailalia? . . .

    Thanks Much!
    Great overview!!!

    • #2 by Frederic Galetto on 05/10/2015 - 22:23

      I unfortunately did not keep for a long time (not because of the quality of the product but because of personal health issues I had at this time). What I can say is that I picked up the Rotovelo for various reasons: first the simple concept, almost anything (especially related with transmission, brakes etc) can be bought to my local dealer at the corner of the street. Secondly I would say the price vs quality and sturdy construction as well as design (the Rotovelo is beautiful object; it is smaller than a regular European velomobile). Thirdly because I am curious and I wanted something fresh and new (there was to my knowledge only one other Rotovelo in Europe in UK).
      Would I buy another one today? Probably yes, I bought it after trying a Fitser WAW, a super star of the velomobile universe and very different from this one.
      Thanks for your visit and interest into my blog.

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