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Velomobiles vs bicycles: facts and figures.

Going back to a few months ago and the posts about my now sold Rotovelo velomobile…

I am adding today a slide with a comprehensive velomobiles model list – thanks to, their main specification and performance vs regular bicycles. So here is the recap:


Although the performance of a human powered vehicule depends greatly upon training, fitness, the added value of the complete fairing vs the extra weight of this feature is demonstrated here (with low uphill and downhill levels though). You can expect these numbers to increase greatly depending on the climb and downhill levels. I am still owner of a recumbent bicycle and a Catrike Speed trike / tricycle and believe, especially for the trike, that it is probably the best human powered vehicule I ever owned.


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Takashi Murakami, velomobile & sustainability.

takashi murakami, velomobile & sustainability.

Thinking about linking Takashi Murakami legendary flowers with concept of velomobile and sustainability. I fell in love with the work of the japanese artist in Art|Basel at the Blum & Poe booth but at about $750’000.- each original, my banker does not agree to sign the cheque yet. Will see the outcome of it… Believe the volumes of the velomobile with the design could be well togehter.

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The proof by numbers?

Click and play with it! Just gave a try with a few clicks found out that I could ride a Quest velomobile at 41km/h with 160W. Made the same calculation for my race bike with hands on the drops to realize that I could barely ride at about 31km/h with the same power on the pedals. This is only theory I know. My Rotovelo is 33kg and my race bike is about 7.5 kg and the calculation is based on a flat road.

I love both of them. The heavy (and fast) velomobile or the lightweight (and efficient) road-bike are both made to get the most of human power, and regardless of how fit you are, this challenge for the ultimate efficiency remains endless, there is no limitation, only your imagination and the available technology at your disposition. The obvious is sometime good to be reminded I think. And on top of all of this please do have fun!

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