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Merry Christmas! Felice Natale! Joyeux Noël!


I wish you this day so is the shape of this Madonna. With a look at the sky, always thankful. With the light handy so you are not at the mercy of the darkness. With a shelter where to go to, to rest in peace during stormy days. And with your mind opened and sometime ready for compromise, so is the leaning cross at the top of this altar.  Merry Christmas!

 Picture taken at a corner of a small street in Rome – July 2014.

– Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –


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Love: made in Paestum.

Holidays are to discover the world or do nothing.

Second Italian post in less than a month. Yes, because enjoying la dolce vita and the sea is definitely one of the most important thing in life, and after Amalfi coast I am offering you Cilento!



Yes, for sure. Love and music and friendly atmosphere in this lido as they are called in Italy.  A nice place to rest, enjoy the sun and a cool and friendly atmosphere: if you pass by, this location is worth a visit… the bar is open!

Welcome to Dum Dum Republic in Paestum!

Music, local beer and more, made in Dum Dum!


Enjoying sunset from the lido with Capri at the back.

 – Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –

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Following months without posting, I could only start again with pictures from the most beautiful country in the world: Italy.




Take the road SS163, from Salerno to Napoli or vice versa. Stop here and there to enjoy the scenery, the steep cliffs and the sea. Have a break at Maiori for a “dolce” at Sal De Riso Pasticeria. And yes, Ferrari also made part of its 458 Spider official trailer there. One of the most beautiful road of the world.

 – Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –

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Grande Bici… (in English)

Trevi-Bike B2R

Trevi-Bike: Great bike made by handmade in Italy. A recumbent that could come from the Netherlands. Following a change in the Italian laws related with taxes, the workshop is closing. It is shame. A lot of person do what they are doing because of passion and do not take money out of this activity.

Tiberio Trevisan has to choose between the building and welding of bent frames and bikes or his job. Sometime Italy is difficult to understand… or how you kill the creativity of a people who is always ahead of he mass in so many different fields. Tiberio is selling now the the remainder of frames / bikes available. Many of them are almost unique and you can be sure to the only biker riding with such jewel around…

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