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Love: made in Paestum.

Holidays are to discover the world or do nothing.

Second Italian post in less than a month. Yes, because enjoying la dolce vita and the sea is definitely one of the most important thing in life, and after Amalfi coast I am offering you Cilento!



Yes, for sure. Love and music and friendly atmosphere in this lido as they are called in Italy.  A nice place to rest, enjoy the sun and a cool and friendly atmosphere: if you pass by, this location is worth a visit… the bar is open!

Welcome to Dum Dum Republic in Paestum!

Music, local beer and more, made in Dum Dum!


Enjoying sunset from the lido with Capri at the back.

 – Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –


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Following months without posting, I could only start again with pictures from the most beautiful country in the world: Italy.




Take the road SS163, from Salerno to Napoli or vice versa. Stop here and there to enjoy the scenery, the steep cliffs and the sea. Have a break at Maiori for a “dolce” at Sal De Riso Pasticeria. And yes, Ferrari also made part of its 458 Spider official trailer there. One of the most beautiful road of the world.

 – Copyright ©: All pictures and texts by Frederic Galetto –

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