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Velomobiles vs bicycles: facts and figures.

Going back to a few months ago and the posts about my now sold Rotovelo velomobile…

I am adding today a slide with a comprehensive velomobiles model list – thanks to, their main specification and performance vs regular bicycles. So here is the recap:


Although the performance of a human powered vehicule depends greatly upon training, fitness, the added value of the complete fairing vs the extra weight of this feature is demonstrated here (with low uphill and downhill levels though). You can expect these numbers to increase greatly depending on the climb and downhill levels. I am still owner of a recumbent bicycle and a Catrike Speed trike / tricycle and believe, especially for the trike, that it is probably the best human powered vehicule I ever owned.


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Grande Bici (for sale): close-up.

During 2012 I posted about an exceptional recumbent bike…and the destiny of a genius italian craftsman….

Trevi-Bike B2RI later went to Carmagnola – Italy, visited Tiberio Trervisan and acquired the bike. I hesitated a lot prior to eventually buying this piece of art called B2R for “Born To Race”: it’s beautiful but also a very demanding ride. Here is a close-up gallery with a few details of this exceptional and unique recumbent bike now for sale:

This recumbent bike is for sale: EUR 950.- The bike being engineered for racing and high performance riding, a test ride is highly recommended prior to purchase. It was not ridden since its acquisition more than 100 kms and is in perfect condition. If you are interested or would like more information about the bike’s history do not hesitate to contact me by email.

– Copyright ©: Frederic Galetto (except for top picture) –

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Grande Bici… (in English)

Trevi-Bike B2R

Trevi-Bike: Great bike made by handmade in Italy. A recumbent that could come from the Netherlands. Following a change in the Italian laws related with taxes, the workshop is closing. It is shame. A lot of person do what they are doing because of passion and do not take money out of this activity.

Tiberio Trevisan has to choose between the building and welding of bent frames and bikes or his job. Sometime Italy is difficult to understand… or how you kill the creativity of a people who is always ahead of he mass in so many different fields. Tiberio is selling now the the remainder of frames / bikes available. Many of them are almost unique and you can be sure to the only biker riding with such jewel around…

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Grande bici

Trevi-Bike B2R

Trevi-Bike: Grande bici fatta a mano in modo artigianale in Italia. Una bent che potrebbe venire degli paesi bassi. Dovuto ad un cambiamento di legge, l’officina si chiude. Che peccato.

Tante persone fanno la loro attività solo per la passione e non prendono veramente soldi.  Tiberio Trevisan deve scegliere tra l’attività di progettazione e costruzione dei reclinate ed il suo lavoro. A volta l’Italia ci sembra strana vista da noi all’estero…oppure come ammazzare la creatività di un popolo che è stato sempre all’avanguardia rispetto a tanta materia diversa.

Tiberio vende gli ultimi telai e bici, alcuni di cui sono esemplari unici – sarai il solo nel tua zona ad uscire con questo gioiello!

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